Featured Workshops

Instead of a traditional keynote, we are planning to have several hands-on workshop sessions at this year's event. Topics are designed to appeal to a variety of attendees - pedagogical, technical, functional, and strategic.

See below for complete descriptions of the featured workshop sessions. And don't forget to check back for the complete event schedule which will include several rounds of lightning talk presentations!

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM EST

Sakai Meets Apache Ignite

Earle Nietzel and Adrian Fish, Longsight

Join us for a workshop on how to configure and manage Apache Ignite in Sakai. Apache Ignite is a grid based technology that has been incorporated into Sakai 21 providing many new features, of which the first being distributed caching. We will also provide glimpses of what is to come in later releases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to configure Ignite in Sakai

  • Understand how to manage caches

Target Audience: Developers, System Administrators

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Mapping Sakai’s Road Ahead to 2025 (Roadmap Workshop)

Josh Wilson, Longsight

At Sakai Days in January 2021, Sakai community leaders adopted our fourth multi-year roadmap (covering 2022-2024) to inform Sakai's strategic development over time. These roadmap plans, developed annually, have guided a series of substantive major-version releases for Sakai. Last year’s roadmap continued our ambitious feature development strategy and prioritized the various areas of technical debt remediation to be addressed.

As we begin the creation of our fifth three-year roadmap, join me in this participatory workshop to take a more thoughtful look than ever before at Sakai’s future. Here are a few of the questions we must tackle:

  • What can be learned about institutional LMS requirements from recent RFP processes to which we’ve been invited?

  • How should we balance the needs for UI improvements, feature enhancements, and technical debt remediation?

  • How should Sakai evolve to overtake key competitors in highly select strategic areas?

  • What do instructors and learners need most from Sakai in the years ahead?

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify possible impactful improvements for Sakai in the coming 3 years.

  • Determine areas of potential feature leadership for Sakai in the LMS market.

  • Develop a list of likely improvements for further discussion.

Target Audience: All, General Interest

The Powerful Pedagogy of Discussion Protocols

Wilma Hodges, Ed.D., Longsight

This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of protocols that can be used to spark engaging asynchronous discussions for any online course. You will learn practical tools for creating rich and thought-provoking discussion activities, and have the opportunity to practice implementing some of these strategies with your fellow attendees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover a variety of protocols for use in structuring online discussion activities

  • Discuss how these protocols can be adapted to your courses

  • Share examples of protocol scenarios with other attendees

Target Audience: Faculty, Instructional Designers

Third Time's the Charm, Introducing Trinity UI and How You Can Contribute

Michael Greene, Duke University

The Matrix is back. Learn what upcoming changes are planned for Sakai’s next UI - Trinity. Bootstrap 5, web components, new user experience patterns, and more. We’ll review mockups of the proposed interface, and outline methods for how you can contribute to the project.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand current and upcoming changes to Sakai front end development

    • Understand how you can contribute to the Trinity project

    • Discuss contributor roles for the project, development, testing, documentation

Target Audience: Developers

1:50 PM - 2:40 PM EST

How Healthy is the Sakai Community? Putting the Open Source Health Factors Assessment to use!

David Wedaman, David Wedaman Consulting; Josh Wilson, Longsight; Wilma Hodges, Longsight; Martin Ramsey, LAMP Consortium; and Jennifer Burns, Lotus Consulting

The Open Source Health Factors project, sponsored by Sakai and Longsight, has sought to answer the question “what makes an open source community healthy?” Early rounds of research, observation, interviews, and focus groups led to the identification of key “health factors” and the development of an assessment to determine if those factors are present.

In October, 2021, the Sakai community was invited to use the Open Source Health Factors Assessment for the first time. This interactive presentation will share the key data points generated by this first use of the assessment. We will also invite participants to collaboratively answer the question “what’s next?” by collectively generating a few specific, actionable steps that the Sakai community might undertake in order to put the lessons of the assessment to use.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key data points from the community survey results

  • Determine next steps to make use of the findings

Target Audience: All, General Interest

Course Design Is Key: Melding Solid Teaching Principles with Flexible and Powerful Technology

Dave Eveland, Johnson University

There is so much to be learned in the new normal following the last two years. The impact has been felt everywhere, including in how faculty design, deliver, execute and assess the quality of their courses, regardless of the modality. It is even more clear that good course design must begin with foundational teaching practices. While Sakai, Zoom and other technologies may have been caped heroes for a time, without solid, thoughtful course design and critical attention to course outcomes and alignment technologies will only deliver part of the course. Come to this session to hear how pairing solid teaching principles with the strengths of an LMS can really make a course fly.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review fundamental practices in effective course design

  • Pair best practices with the appropriate technology tools to accomplish your teaching goals

Target audience: Faculty, Instructional Designers

Reimagining Sakai's Tool Offerings

Shawn Foster, Western University

Should Site Info be multiple tools, such as Site Settings and Site Membership? Does Sakai have too many communication tools that all do the same thing? Do Sakai’s tools map to the goals that teachers and students hope to accomplish in their classroom? Join us for a reimagining of Sakai’s tool offering focused on teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives:

    • Identify redundancies and gaps in Sakai’s current tool offering

    • Analyze potential opportunities for improving eLearning workflows

    • Brainstorm the future list of tools for Sakai

Target Audience: All, General Interest